Welcome to my Blog: a space for creating continuing professional development projects in Acupuncture. I hope the site will be useful for both patients and students of acupuncture.

As a Five Element practitioner, my treatment focuses on the psycho-spiritual causes of disease. The theory of acupuncture teaches how mind, body and spirit (emotion) are deeply connected to create balanced health. We learn about the meridian pathways, along which qi (energy) flows,  the transformation of the different qualities and functions of qi in the body, and the techniques required to move them.  At the psycho-spiritual level, the ancient wisdom contained in the names of the acupuncture points direct the practitioner to use points that are most appropriate to the patient’s needs.  It’s a fascinating subject, and one could spend a life-time learning new things, which is why acupuncture is a vocation and a passion!

I hope you will enjoy reading. Please feel free to comment.

Sarah Joseph February 2013



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